United Cutlery USMC Kukri Machete Knife


United Cutlery's USMC Kukri machete knife pays tribute to the mighty force of the United States Marine Corps with the words "Honor, courage, country" emblazoned on its solid, 11.5" curved, stainless steel blade with serrated back. The USMC Kukri features a half-tang, sure-grip, rubberized handle, echoing military themes with its Marine Force Recon medallion decal. You'll still be safe wielding this huge razor-sharp machete knife from United Cutlery due to how it incorporates an extended hand guard in its design. This model has an overall length of 16.5" and weighs 1.6 pounds. Securely transport the Kukri machete via the included nylon belt sheath.

Blade length: 11.5"

Total length: 16.5"

Blade: Half-tang, curved stainless steel with serrated edge

Handle: Rubberized, Marine Force Recon medallion

Sheath: Nylon belt


Dimensions: 16.5" x 3.5" x 2.8"

Weight: 1.6 lb