The scaled-down Crimson Trace Laser Guard fits the compact Ruger LCP pistol. Its low-profile polymer shape does not add significant bulk to the firearm, preserving a lightweight feel and ultimate concealment. The ultra-compact, 3.3-millimeter diode produces a 5-milliWatt, .5-inch red laser--the most powerful allowed under federal law. The laser provides maximum visibility at all ranges for superior accuracy and is factory sighted at 50 feet. User-adjustable windage and elevation settings allow for greater accuracy and customization to individual needs. Crimson Trace's trademark Instinctive Activation front switch activates the laser automatically when held in a regular shooting grip, improving aim from the moment a weapon is drawn.

Crimson Trace LG-431 Specs

Fits: Ruger LCP polymer pistol
Material: Hard polymer
Laser Output: 5mw peak, 633nm (Class IIIa laser)
Sighting/Dot Size: .5-inch diameter, factory sighted at 50-feet
Front activation with momentary pressure pad for natural, instinctive use
User adjustable for windage and elevation, accommodating varied field conditions
Power Source: 2x 357 silver oxide batteries or 1x 1/3N 3-voltlithium battery
Warranty: 3-years (complete)