This AR-15 Sling Adapter kit from ATI makes it easy to carry your AR-15 or AR variant rifle with you everywhere you go. The adapter attaches securely to the Picatinny rails found on round mil-spec handguards, making it compatible with a wide range of firearms. The swivel stud rotates through 360 degrees, allowing it to move freely and enabling rapid transitions and shouldering of your weapon. It accommodates a sling up to 1.25 inches wide for compatibility with many different models. All components are made in the USA from high-quality, e-coated steel, making them highly durable and wear resistant.

Fits: Round mil-spec AR-15 handguard

Material: E-coated steel

Attaches securely to Picatinny rail

Swivel rotates for easy, comfortable weapon use

Fits sling up to 1.25 inches wide

Made in USA